What does it take to build an Olympic level Traceur? How would one eat, train & live ns such a way that fluid cat like movements of L'art du deplacement , transforms them into new spatially aware and intellectual animal? That's exactly what i intend to find out.

Most sports today have their native studies and techniques that serve as avenue for learned perfection to achieve peak performance in that discipline. Parkour is still very young as a sport or art if your prefer,and I believe we have just scratched the surface of where we could take it, and where It can take Us.

Over the course of the next few years I will be documenting my plateau breaking journey to another level of Parkour skill, recovery and overall mastery of moving my body through space. I draw my inspiration by the stories of ultra marathoners like the Lung-Gom-Pa, Dean Karnazes, along feats of the human spirit like David Blaine's 17 minute breath hold, books like "Born to Run" & "Chi Running I aim to use an array of unconventional training techniques that will not just help me become better at this sport, or art ,but "A creature that moves this way".