I've always had a very anthropological perspective of my life, often resonating with the identity of an astronaut, alien, landlocked surfer or a weary, reincarnated, old soul. My own searching to better understand the unapologetic divide between my perspective and that of my family and peers possessed me to study many isms, cultures, and psychoses. I stumbled on Aspergers in 2009 culminating a 20 year search for god, meaning and relativity. Through the study of the Aspergers community and its esoteric appropriation of shamanism, I've found the relativity, tools and considerations to hone the abilities and quell the challenges of my worldview. The addition of Parkour as a mirrored discipline to my visual art, has also brought its own new paradigms and a balance to the yin activity of painting. Of my many enthusiastic fixations that I have, urban and transit paraphernalia is the main theme that runs through the veins of my work. After making Atlanta my home, its sights and skyline give the setting for my collection of ongoing portraits and scenes I fondly call 'The journal of the Karma Pedestrian'. My art conducts a census of my daydreams and exhibits my interpretation of the divine as steel and concrete gilded goddesses that protect and counsel me on my hero's journey.
- Curron Kal El Gajadhar